About TweetCred

TweetCred is a real-time, web-based system to assess credibility of content on Twitter. The system provides a credibility rating between 1 to 7 for each tweet on the Twitter timeline. The score is computed using a supervised automated ranking algorithm that determines credibility of a tweet based on more than 45 features. The system considers various factors to determine the credibility, such as, the tweet content, properties of user who posted the tweet, external URLs or pictures shared in the tweet, etc.
TweetCred score is an indicator of the trustworthiness of the information in the tweet, credibility of resources (pictures, videos, URLs) shared; and the popularity and reputation of the user of the tweet.

TweetCred Score: 1 (Low Credibility) - 7 (High Credibility)


Some Statistics about TweetCred:

  • More than 1000 unique Twitter users!
  • Credibility computed for 2.8 million tweets via TweetCred!

How to use TweetCred?

Download TweetCred Chrome Extension.

You can try out TweetCred without installing in the browser version here.
If you are a developer, we offer a REST API.

Snapshots of TweetCred Extension:

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